Tennis Serve Tip: A Sure-Fire Way to Have a Consistent Serve

by Scott Thyroff

People are always asking me, “Scott what is a tip to make my tennis serve way more consistent?” Actually, there is one really important secret that can make an enormous difference with your tennis serve consistency.

Here’s the Big Secret:

Your Ball Toss!

Ok guys and girls, this is where the rubber meets the road. This is the most important part of the tennis serve. The problem that I am seeing with so many of you is when you’re tossing your ball up to serve…

Rafael Nadal serve (shot 2 of 5)
Image by eugene via Flickr

I’m seeing the ball too far into the court…

… or too much off to the side(s)…

…One student of mine actually tossed his ball so far to his right that he had to take two huge steps just to reach it. No shock that this negatively affected his serve, right?

Why A Bad Toss Can Be a BIG Problem

The reason is that if you have a toss going to a dozen different places each time… then it means you’re hitting the serve with a dozen different swing paths.

Got me?

The Tennis Serve … the Roger Federer Way?

Imagine Federer having to chase a dozen different ball tosses! See what I’m getting at?

Your swing path will vary each time if your toss is different each time… therefore your serve will not be consistent.

So… want a quick fix for this?

1. Point your tossing arm in the direction of the person you are serving to.

2. Lock the arm so your arm isn’t getting all “bendy” at the elbow.

3. Don’t think in terms of “tossing”. Think terms of handing the ball up to someone who is two feet taller than you. Think “lift” not “toss.”

4. Then, you’re going to release the ball at head height.

How do you know if you’re doing this right?

Well, if the ball would be landing in the same spot in front of you … in the same general spot each time… congrats, you’re doing a good job.

Not to shamelessly plug here… but… this is way easier to SHOW than explain, which I do in my Tennis Bully 2.0 Serving Course so check that out if you’re wanting to learn a MONSTER tennis serve:)

As always, if you have questions just post a comment below and I’ll do my best to help you with this tip.

See you on the court,
Scott @
Home of the Tennis Serve

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  • Mac

    thanks, this will help me a lot with my continentional serve.

  • sambansal

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