Hey, my friends.

My name is Scott Thyroff.

I’m what you’d call an absolute Tennis Maniac. Well actually that’s putting it mildly:)

I am sooooo passionate about teaching folks how to become Far Better tennis players, that I’ve dedicated my life to it. I’ve been teaching tennis to aspiring tennis players for over 20 years.

I’ve worked with thousands of players from the beginning player… and… players that have competed on the professional circuit and who were capable of utterly “destroying their opponents” (thanks in large part to my training, ahem;-)

I’ve “seen it all” and have pretty strong ideas about what will work to improve the tennis game of first time players… and… help “super charge” the game of the most polished of players that only need fine tuning. I’m the author of Tennis Bully: Deadly Tennis Serves 2.0 which is currently sold out and not available.

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Ok, you asked for it so here’s the official Scott Thyroff
“Brag Sheet of Pretty Cool Accomplishments”

(a.ka. My Playing achievements!)

  • High School and collegiate All-American
  • 10 Time City Doubles Champion
  • 6 Time City Singles Champion
  • Bronze Ball Doubles Winner USTA National Tier 1 Mens 35 National Championship
  • Finished Top 8 USTA Tier 1 Mens 35 Singles Championship
  • Owner/Director Thyroff Team Tennis Academy

If this site helped you out in some small way, then all my blood, sweat and tears were worth building this site for you. Take care… and I’ll see you on the court!


Scott Thyroff