Backhand Volley – Four Tips to Improve This Stroke!

by Scott Thyroff

I’m going to share four amazing tips to improve your backhand volley. After reading this article, you’ll be a master at this stylish shot. Follow these tips and with a little practice, I swear you’ll love the results. Check ‘em out…

Check Your Grip

What grip are you using? Try the continental grip next time. It’s the best for the backhand volley, since the continental grip allows you to hit both backhand and forehand volleys without having to switch grips. Make sure your racquet is out in front, in the continental grip, with your weight balanced on the balls of your feet. No matter what comes your way, you’ll be able to quickly transition.

Rotate Your Shoulders

backhand volleyRotate your shoulders counter clockwise, so you’re facing sideways to the net. Place your left hand on the throat of the racquet, and bring it back for a short backswing. The shorter the better – it allows you more control, so try not to bring the racquet further than your right shoulder. If you’re a lefty, just reverse this process. This stance and rotation of the shoulders will put you miles ahead of your opponents – many players mistakenly stand facing the net while performing the backhand volley.

Position is Everything

Balance your swing by separating your hands. Use your non-dominant hand to move backwards, counterbalancing your racquet hand. Next, transfer your weight from your left foot onto your right foot, out in front. It’ll minimize errors, and give your shot extra power from the momentum built up when pushing off.

Open Your Stance

After you’ve hit the ball, remember to open up your stance. Face the net and get back on the balls of your feet. You’ll need to be in ready position for whatever your opponent serves up next. It’s tempting to stand flat-footed, gazing after your glorious backhand volley, but if and when the ball does come back, you need to be prepared.

Many people have trouble mastering the backhand volley, simply because it’s such a flashy shot. The next time you practice the shot, try backing further up from the net. Most people practice too close to the net, which makes them ill-prepared for actual game play, since many backhand volleys will be played further back.

These four tips will vastly improve your backhand volley if you truly put in the practice time to master them. Try ‘em out today and see for yourself.

See you on the court,
Scott @
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