Ball Toss Tennis – Three Steps to the Perfect Ball Toss

by Scott Thyroff

Want to really perfect your serve? It all starts with mastering the ball toss. Often overlooked when practicing, the ball toss sets the stage for a great serve, no matter how unimportant it may seem. I’ve got some great tips that’ll really seal the deal for your perfect ball toss. Try ‘em out for yourself.

Ball Toss Tennis Tip #1 – Hold your Ball.

Many people hold the ball in their palm and roll it off their fingers when they throw it in the air. This causes the ball to spin and doesn’t make for a consistent ball toss. Instead, imagine you’re holding a dainty drink that will spill with any sudden movement. The less surface area your hand covers, the better. Try using just two or three fingers to hold the ball straight out in front of you. With your weight on your front foot, toss the ball out in front.

ball toss tennisToss with Confidence.

Ball Toss Tennis Tip #2 – Toss Height

Height is key to the perfect ball toss. Bring your arm straight up and release the ball at the top of your head. Allow your tossing arm to continue to extend even after you’ve released the ball. You want to toss the ball at about 1-2 feet over your contact point. That’ll give you enough time to execute your motion and get to that contact point. The higher you toss the ball, the harder it will be to track and time, so find the happy medium.

Ball Toss Tennis Tip #3 – Wind it Up.

When you toss, start bringing your racquet back with your dominant hand. Bend your knees, and as you release the ball in the air, start gaining momentum with your racquet. This creates a kind of wind-up maneuver, giving you an extra boost in power. Toss the ball so that the tennis ball at your contact point is at your shoulder, out in front of your body. Then swing away!

Many players struggle with the ball toss and dismiss it as unimportant. No other move in the game will set you up better than the perfect ball toss. Misjudging a toss is one of the most common mistakes made by new and experienced players alike. Experiment and find that “sweet spot” between too high to track and too low to hit.

Like any aspect of tennis, you can’t master the perfect ball toss without lots and lots of practice. Your toss is really the solid foundation of any great serve, so don’t underestimate the power it can have on your game.

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