Learn Tennis Fast: The Best Four Tennis Drills

by Scott Thyroff

Want to learn tennis fast? Want to step up your tennis game with some great new drills? I’m going to show you four of the best tennis drills around. By the end of this piece, you’ll be ready to hit the court and try out these challenging but fun drills.

Let’s get started…

Learn Tennis Fast #1 – MASTER Volleyer Extraordinaire

I found this drill somewhere on a tennis forum or while searching the internet – sorry, I can’t remember where I found this but it’s good.

The goal of this drill is to spell out the word MASTER by volleying into a section of the court representing a specific letter.

M – the left service box.
A – the right service box.
S – the left half of the singles court beyond the service line.
T – the right half of the singles court beyond the service line.
E – the left alley.
R – the right alley.

learn tennis fastLine up at the service T, run forward a few steps, split-step, and then volley toward whichever letter is the current target. Hit the targets in order, but don’t start over if you miss. It might take several attempts to hit some targets, especially the later ones.

This drill will not only improve your aim, but your speed and agility as well.

#2 – Alley Rally Drill

Stand within the doubles alley and try to hit ten shots with a partner, all within the narrow alley. Mastered ten in a row? Bump it up to twenty.

It’s all about constantly challenging yourself. This drill can be tough, but will also be very effective for your game.
This drill helps teach you how to keep the ball in play despite a very small target area.

#3 – 20 Ball Suicide

Have a friend stand at the center and toss balls at you in every direction. Run down each ball and return it. If you successfully retrieve a ball, you get one point. If you miss a ball, or cannot send it back over the net, you lose a point. Continue until you reach twenty.

You’ll be exhausted, sure, but this drill simulates play against the toughest of the tough opponent. Is there any better way to prepare?

#4 – Four Ball Drill

Have a friend serve up rapid balls to you. Forehand down the line, backhand down the line, then a forehand cross court and a backhand cross court. You never get locked into hitting the same shot. This drill prepares you for anything. It balances footwork, balance and direction.

And here’s a *Bonus* drill…

Bonus Drill #5 – Five Balls or Death

Like the title? Well, this is a drill that’ll win you matches. It is simple. Get a hitting partner. The theory here is that you only need to successfully hit a tennis ball five times in a row and you will win most points. Seriously!

Even at the very highest level’s, if you can just outlast the other guy (or girl) and hang in there for a mere five shots… often that is all it takes to win the point.

So, this drill as brain dead simple. With a hitting partner, the goal is to successfully complete ten sets of “5 ball rallies.” This will force you to focus on consistency.

My wife and I warm up with this drill and it ‘locks in’ the pattern when you play real matches. This bonus drill is probably the best and most practical one of the bunch.

With some practice and a little time, you’ll master these drills in no time. Try them before your next big match – you’ll definitely see an improvement!

See you on the court,
Scott @ TennisBully.com
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