Fastest Tennis Serve – New World’s Record for Fastest Tennis Serve?

by Scott Thyroff

Who’s the guy that has the *nerve* to beat Andy Roddick’s world record for fastest tennis serve?

Up until recently, Andy Roddick has held the record for the fastest tennis serve in the pros. Well, he’s just been de-throned by Croatia’s Ivo Karlovic. Here’s what this is about…

What record did he beat?

Believe it or not, this Croatian has conquered Andy Roddick’s 2004 record of 155 MPH (249.4 KPH) by hitting a tennis serve at a blistering 156 MPH (251 KPH) during the Davis Cup in Zagreb, Germany on March 5. The record stands official according to the ITF (International Tennis Federation), the governing body of the sport and final judge on tennis’s god-tier achievements.

“I’d be happy with a serve HALF this dude’s speed, LOL” – Editor

A little about Dr. Ivo… and the Fastest Tennis Serve

fastest tennis serveIt’s not surprising that so many people have never heard of Karlovic until this record-breaking feat—his current standings in competitive tennis play is 14th, and even for tennis diehards, most people generally only focus on the top 10 or so players in the world.

How did Karlovic achieve this record?

Talent, maybe? Practice, maybe? Or perhaps it’s due to Karlovic’s freakish 6’10” stature, making him the tallest professional tennis player in the world. Height has a lot to do with success in tennis as well as a speedy serve like Karlovic’s record-breaker—allowing him the physical advantage of creating high-speed service coupled with a tough-as-nails trajectory to intimidate opponents.

Karlovic broke Roddick’s record tennis serve following surgery on his Achilles, but he still managed to lose the doubles match with partner Ivan Dodig with the scores 6-3 3-6 5-7 6-3 6-4, beaten by Germany’s Philipp Petzschner and Christopher Kas.

Source: BBC Sports

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