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I discovered exactly FOUR quick tricks that “fooled” my body into having a 10-times better tennis serve. I will share these four “tricks” with you on four videos. Enter your email below. It will be emailed to you immediately:

What You’ll Learn On The “FOUR QUICK FIX” Tennis Lesson Videos:

  • How to shortcut years of lessons & “trial and error frustration” and FINALLY learn the right way to do the tennis serve, even if you’re an advanced player, what I’m going to share in the first video will be an eye opener.
  • Then, I’ll show you how to improve SPEED and POWER of your serve, and the crazy thing is, your serves will get faster and harder, without having to hit the ball any harder.hitting the ball any harder.
  • Next, I’ll teach you how to utilize all sorts of SPINS that can REALLY mess up opponents. What you DON’T want is for them to get into your serving rythm… instead, we’re going to throw them off by using spins and point placement mehcanisms.
  • And, you’ll learn how to get more ACCURATE with your serve. No more of this stuff where you hit the serve and just hope it goes into the box. Hope is not a very useful strategy in serving. Instead what if you could move the opponent around, what if you could set up points that were over in one or two shots, due to placements?

ONE LAST THING: Why should you learn the tennis serve from me?

I am a USPTA professional who’s personally trained over 5,000 beginning and advanced tennis players. I’ve trained beginner players and turned them into Division 1 college players (eg. THE hardest level of amateur tennis that exists). I also trained numerous players who gone on to the pro tour to compete at the highest levels. But what about me? Am I one of those coaches who is “all talk and no action?”

No. I like to think that I “walk the talk.” I played position #2 for one of the most competitive top ten colleges in the country and did battle with some of the heaviest hitters out there… and lived to tell about it. In short, I have seen it all, heard it all… and over the years I’ve figured out a system of teaching that… well… just plain works.

Anyway, this is why I made these four free tennis serve lessons for you. These will make an IMMEDIATE improvement to your game. That’s a promise.

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