Tennis Forehand – Learn the Windshield Wiper Forehand

by Scott Thyroff

Want to learn the tennis forehand? The windshield forehand is the modern stroke in tennis. Popular among the pros, this technique creates heavy spin on the ball. It’ll really bring your forehand to the next level. I’ve got a few simple steps for you to try. Follow them and you’ll master this swing in no time. Check it out…

Tennis Forehand – Prepare

With the windshield wiper forehand, you need to seriously choke up on the handle. Try holding it at the very top, where the cushioned handle meets the metal frame. Make sure you’re positioned right, too. You should be standing sideways on the baseline.

tennis forehandSwing up

When performing a regular forehand shot, you typically try to push through the ball. With the windshield wiper forehand, you want to swing up on the ball. This helps create the top spin that makes the maneuver so useful.

To Learn the Tennis Forehand, Think Across the Body

Bring your racquet across the body, holding it up rather than sideways. This is one of the main differences between the windshield wiper forehand and its class counterpart. If you can see through your strings, you know you’re doing it right. This differs drastically from your classic forehand, where you’d typically be facing the edge of your racquet.

Also remember to keep your handle straight up. Typically, when performing a forehand, your handle pulls back towards your wrist or forearm. With the windshield wiper forehand, the handle should stay in the same position: straight up and down.

Follow through

Bring your racquet completely across your body, all the way up past your left shoulder. As you release your arm, you’ll get that natural windshield wiper motion that this move is named for. The natural momentum will allow you to get back into the ready position.

Many people struggle with keeping their racquet in just the right position. Next time you’re having trouble, imagine the top of your racquet tied to an imaginary ceiling. Pull down too hard, or too far one direction and you’ll break the rope. This will keep your handle upright and in the proper position.

This is a very versatile shot that will certainly come in handy. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be windshield wiping better and faster than your car in the parking lot. Of course, putting in the practice time necessary to master this skill is a given. Put in the time, and you’ll be showing off your new found skills in no time.

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