Tennis Tactics – 4 Steps to Improve Your Tennis in 10 Minutes

by Scott Thyroff

If you are looking for tennis tactics, that will enable you to win more often… you will like this article. I’m going to show you a 4 step process that will improve your tennis game in under 10 minutes. Give this a try during your next match. Check this out…

Tennis Tactic Step 1. Weaker Shots
Everyone has a weaker side, either a shot that is liable to unforced errors or a side where it’s more difficult to hit winners. Don’t try to hit as many winners from one side if you can’t back it up with execution. Equally, if you have a big strength, allow yourself the opportunity to use it by being more conservative with your weaknesses.

Tennis Tactic Step 2. Favorite Shots
Become knowledgeable in the exact strengths of your game. Know more about yourself beyond simply whether you prefer the backhand or forehand. Figure out which shot wins you the most points. Is it consistency and speed that wins the most points, or the sudden changes of pace, or overall power? The art of winning in tennis is knowing what will reliably win the most points.

What if your shots are all solid? What if it is the mental aspect of the game that you are trying to improve? Notice the next two tips. – Ben, Editor

Let’s Talk About Additional Tennis Tactics

tennis tacticTennis Tactic Step 3. Strategy over Technique
Tennis analysts always mention that a match court is different from a practice court, and they’re right. For starters, there’s a mental component involved. You can’t simply make an error, then focus on perfecting it the next time. Not when the shot costs you points. Therefore, it’s not only about adjusting technique. It’s not as easy as thinking back to that practice session a while back, and remembering how it worked back then.

If you get caught up too much in obsessing over your opponent targeting your weaker shot all the time, then your opponent has succeeded in the psychological game. Think about what else you could do to change the pattern of play, so that it is more favourable for you. Perhaps start giving less angles or less pace for your opponent to work with. Start aiming your serves in different directions. Keep experimenting with little things, while remembering your strengths.

Tennis Tactic Step 4. Take Calculated Risks
Don’t change your game completely in hope of producing a once-in-a-lifetime performance. Take calculated risks. Play a slightly better version of your regular game. Despite what commentators tell you, if you haven’t served-and-volleyed much before, it’s probably not going to suddenly work now. Unless if you notice that your opponent is feeding you many weak replies on the return. Don’t try to throw in many slice backhands if it floats too high and without enough spin. If touch shots and dropshots aren’t in your repertoire, then don’t throw it in there. It’s fine to throw in a little bit of variety, as long as you realize that it won’t have the same effect as the player that you borrowed the tactic from.

Source: Tennis Brain

There you have it! Four tips to help improve the basics of your game…in under ten minutes.

Put these into action during your next tennis match and watch what happens.

See you on the court,
Scott @
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